Men’s Hoka Ora Recovery Flip


Your tired feet just got saved.

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You just gave it all in that race and now your feet need some care, pronto. Enter the Men’s Hoka Ora Recovery Flip. We put a HOKA ONE ONE® oversized midsole and Meta-Rocker into a flip flop and improved the toe straps with a more anatomically friendly fit. It hugs the foot and provides sleek comfort and support. Your tired feet just got rescued. You’re welcome.

Why do we love the Men’s Hoka Ora Recovery Flip?
  • Soft-top layer EVA for immediate step-in comfort.
  • Early Stage Meta-Rocker offers a smooth ride.
  • Dual layer construction incorporates soft top layer and resilient midsole/outsole for durability and stability.
  • Strategic groove placement for optimal comfort and traction.
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About Hoka

Radical change often comes about in trying to solve a simple problem. HOKA ONE ONE’s original goal was to improve endurance race times by designing a shoe to go downhill faster. In doing so, we inadvertently reinvented the running shoe.

Our new shoes improved the experience of going uphill too. And down again. And up again. It turns out that redesigning a shoe that helps an athlete tackle 100 miles in challenging conditions can help all runners perform.

While trail runners by night, our day jobs were in gravity sports. HOKA ONE ONE had a hand in several snow sport and cycling innovations – including the parabolic ski – and everyday we asked ourselves the question, “How do we go faster?” When we imposed a form-follows-function discipline to designing a trail running shoe, we asked the same question. We answered it with a shoe that was met with ridicule by running shoe establishments, but embraced by runners. Those runners started winning races, and running shoe buyers started paying attention.

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